History teaching resources to promote key concepts


It's just one thing after another! Help your students to use dates and conventions appropriately, gain a sense of period and fit their learning into a broad historical context.


Whose History? Investigate the lived experiences, ideas and beliefs of men, women and children of past societies and the impact which they have had on our modern world.

Change and continuity

Progress, transformation, regression, stagnation ... History is a roller coaster! Challenge your class to explain the extent of past changes and reasons for continuities.

Cause and consequence

From the classic ‘why did war break out in 1914?’ to the intriguing ‘why did the Cold War end?' These resources tackle the causes of events, and their impacts.


Why do we remember certain events and people while others fade from memory? Why does it matter how we commemorate/celebrate our past and what does it say about our values today?


If History is like ‘looking through a glass, darkly’, why do historians see the past so differently? Check out these resources to help your students understand the history of History.

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