KS4 History teaching resources

To make browsing easier, we've split our libraries into curriculum areas. Come and see what's on the shelves for ideas and inspiration, or use the search box in the top right if you're after something more specific.

Ancient World: pre-1000

Covering our earliest periods, worldwide, and with a British focus, from the ancient Egyptians to the Saxons.  

Medieval Period: 1000-1500

1066 and all that! Tracing the emerging and evolving powers of kings, the church, and the ordinary medieval peasant; resources that cover the Norman Conquest and its aftermath, the tumultuous relationship between Henry II and Thomas Becket, and the Black Death, to name a few.

Early Modern Period: 1500-1750

The seeds of change are sewn in this period, as we see the formation of the Church of England thanks to the actions of Henry VIII and the emerging power of parliament with the events of the Civil War and beyond. Resources cover this age of revolution and change, both in Britain and internationally.

Industrial Age: 1750-1900

From chronology exercises to designing an industrial town theme park, these resources look at how industry changed the way we lived, fought, and even died!

Modern World: 1900-present

Laying the foundations for the world we live in today, resources which explore the key developments of the period, from the First World War through to the Cold War, as well developments in British society and further afield.

All KS4 resources

If you're in need of inspiration or just want to peruse our ever-growing library, have a browse through this alphabetical list of all our resources.

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