All our KS4 History teaching resources, listed alphabetically

This is a list of all our Key Stage 4 worksheets and handouts, interactive resources and tools and ideas for use in the classroom. They're organised in alphabetical order by topic. If there's anything you think is missing, or if you'd like to add to what we've already got, do let us know.

19th century America (27)  New resource!
20th century America (29)  New resource!
20th century Britain (8)
American Reconstruction (3)
The American West (6)
Anglo-Saxon and Norman England (32)  New resource!
Black peoples of the Americas (2)
Britain through the ages (2)
British Library Magna Carta resources (10)
China (3)
Civil Rights Movement (2)
Cold War (35)
Cold War in Asia (20)
Cold War in Europe (37)  New resource!
Crime and punishment (22)
The Crusades (2)  New resource!
Democracy and dictatorship (1)
Elizabethan England (30)  New resource!
Evidence teaching tools (1)
Fascist Italy (1)
First World War (17)
Germany (56)  New resource!
Germany 1919-1963 (1)
Henry VIII and the Reformation (8)
Historiography (1)
Inter-War (14)
Italy (1)
Korean War (9)
Lenin's Russia (1)
Literacy in History (8)
Medicine & health (48)  New resource!
The Middle East (3)
Migration (3)
Nazi Germany (36)  New resource!
Power and conflict in the Early Modern Period (8)
Power and conflict in the Medieval period (10)
Power: monarchy and democracy (18)
Quizzes and games (2)
Reference resources (1)
Revision (10)
The role of the church in the Early Modern Period (1)
The role of the Church in the Medieval period (2)
Russia (20)
Russia 1917-91 (1)
Russian Revolution (14)
Second World War (12)
Society in the Medieval period (3)
Stalin's Russia (7)
The American Civil War (8)
The Crusades (1)  New resource!
Vietnam (10)
Weimar Germany (10)
Women's suffrage (8)
Teaching templates and tools (77)  New resource!

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